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  Katel - semnalizare rutiera  
About Katel
About Katel
About Katel
KATEL brings together all the knowledge and all the technological continuous improuvement from year 2000 regarding production, installation and maintains of all kind of road traffic regulating systems..

The quality and the compliance of our products is certified by specialized documents, quality documents that are available to our customers within the collaboration created.

Road signs that we produce are the final product resulted from technological processes supported by CNC assisted equipment, with a very high accuracy degree.

Services for the design, installation, maintenance are provided by specialists with recognized experienced by authorized bodies.
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Our mission


Our role

The role that we assume in society is to provide a PLUS of traffic safety for the chance to life and family.

We are committed to our belief and focused for our mission, as we alone have defined it, not to remain just a string of words. We are at your disposal to make a difference.
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Teamwork divides the effort and doubles the succes
Centura Mun. Arad
Mounting of KATEL road signs
Municipiul Galati
LED Traffic Lights
Supralargire Sos. Pipera - Bucuresti
Katel Metallic delimiter & road signs
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